If You Are Ready to Change Your Life

If You Are Ready to Change Your Life

If you are ready to change your life I have 2 resources that will greatly assist you.

My name is Steven Shomler and I am passionate about life change and as I write these words it is summer 2019 and over the next three years – through summer 2022 I have two overarching goals:

Overarching Goal One  — To cheer others on as they pursue life change

Overarching Goal Two —  To take my brand(s) and businesses to the next level

See this link if you want to “hear” the story that got me to this point in my journey – www.Bonfire2022.com

Life Change Resource #1
Bonfire Caravan

Bonfire Caravan is a very special community of people who are all pursing Life Change in way or another who cheer each other on.

Some of the people in this community  are building brands, some them are building businesses, some of them are pursuing the dream of becoming an Author, others are learning to play a musical instrument, some are pursuing Life Change as it relates to physical fitness goals, and some are taking the steps needed to have a new career, I could go on. You get the idea.

Regardless of what life change is being pursued, everyone in this community cheers each other on.

I founded and lead this community because when I decided to completely change my life in the summer of 2011 I did not have very many people cheering me on.

In fact – I had a number of people telling me that I was crazy and that I would never make it. That was so painful. Bonfire Caravan is the encouraging community I wished I had back then.

See this link for more information about Bonfire Caravan   – www.sparktobonfire.com/bonfire-caravan

Life Change Resource #2
Bonfire Insights

Bonfire Insights is one of the three services offered by Spark to Bonfire.

This service allows you to work with me on an ongoing one-on-one basis and receive the benefit of my hard fought for life changing wisdom and insight.

Bonfire Insights is Ongoing Coaching and Cheerleading designed for those who are Ready to Change Their Life.

Whether your are wanting to change careersbuild a brandbuild a businessbecome an Author, create a fulfilling professional life, or create a fulfilling personal life, I can help you make it happen.

I have walked EACH of those Life Change paths and I know the secrets that will help you get to where you want to go.

See this link for more information  about Bonfire Insightswww.sparktobonfire.com/bonfire-insights


Bonus Resource #3
The Life Change Path

If you want to change your life or if you might want to change your life, one of the most important lessons I have learned about Life Change has to do with WHEN a person’s Life Change journey actually begins.

 I call this lesson The Life Change Path. See this link for more information  – www.sparktobonfire.com/the-life-change-path


I am Steven Shomler – I know that Life Change Can Happen, and I believe in the beauty of your dream!