Spark to Bonfire Consulting

Spark to Bonfire Consulting

Spark to Bonfire Consulting is a division of  Spark to Bonfire. We offer In-depth Consulting designed for entrepreneurs and business people who want to grow and expand their start up or company.

Our D2 Hexagon Alignment approach is rooted in teaching our clients to master Achievement and Storytelling.

The three primary elements of Achievement are TenacityStrategy, and Execution.

We teach our clients how to master those three achievement elements so that they can be more effective and reach their goals faster and with alacrity.

Our Threefold definition of Storytelling telling includes BrandingMarketing, and Social Media.

Your Brand is your story.  Marketing is tastefully telling your story. (By the way – those 11 words make up our Founder’s signature 11 word Branding and Marketing Seminar)

Social Media is an incredible tool that when handled skillfully, will fuel your companies’ growth.

We teach our clients how to effectively leverage Storytelling by harnessing the power of Branding, Marketing, and Social Media.

As we unfold our consulting paradigm with our clients we guide them to pursue functional alignment between their Achievement dimension and their Storytelling dimension so that all six facets are calibrated to deliver maximum effectiveness.

If you would to have us consider working with you please email Steven Shomler at [email protected]


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