The Bonfire Caravan Community

Bonfire Caravan Steven Shomler

The Bonfire Caravan Community

Bonfire Caravan is a community that Steven Shomler has created for people who are pursuing the life they imagine!

Whether are you Building a Brand, or Building a Business, this is a place where you can cheer others on, and where you can give & receive encouragement!

The Bonfire Caravan Facebook Group

Currently the best place for you to connect with the Bonfire Caravan Community is via the Bonfire Caravan Facebook group.

This Facebook group is a “Closed Group” which means anyone can find it, but only members can see what is posted here!

Here is a link where you can request membership in this Facebook Group –


Let The Dogs Bark!

As Steven says – Let the Dogs Bark, This Caravan is Moving On!

Bonfire Caravan

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