Testimonials ~ My Life Changed

 Testimonials My Life Changed Many people wish they had a better life…

Only an exceptional handful have a deeply held desire to someday pursue the life their heart longs for.

At Spark to Bonfire we inspire, equip, and guide those extraordinary individuals so they can blaze a trail to the life they are yearning for.



“I’ve always been so inspired by Steven’s life change story! That it was natural for me to turn to him when I was in need of a major life change.

Not that I was new to making major change; I had done so just two years before. But I was stuck, again! I had recently had a major break-up which also came with ending and dissolving a successful blogging/media partnership, which was a loss and I was in grieving mode.

I felt in dire need of discovering my next steps in my life and entrepreneurial journey. Sitting down with Steven is like having a true friend and guide take you by the hand and help you see more clearly.

He helped me step outside of the grief and my inner self-criticism and helped me identify what I no longer was willing to accept or allow in my life, and what I DID want out of a relationship and what I wanted for my life.

He helped me visualize and talk through my ideal path and ideal relationship. Making things more concrete in my mind, including helping me identifying to-dos to move me forward. Steven encouraged me to take action immediately and get to work with small steps. All along the way Steven cheers me on, re-affirms me… that I’m capable of all of the things when my doubts creep in, and pushes me to go after my dreams!

Always there to bounce ideas off of and always helps me get back on track, Steven is a mentor who cares deeply for his people…wanting only what is best for them!” – KJ



Testimonials Steven Helped Me

“I had a brilliant meeting with Steven. My head is still exploding with the possibilities he inspired.

I am so grateful for Steven. the time I spent with him and the wealth of information he shared with me made an impact in my world that helped me move in a new direction with courage.

Steven’s big heart & authenticity is so needed in the world.” – CB




Testimonials Steven Helped Me

“Steven is simply amazing.

I felt like he immediately “got me” and my business ideas with a weird laser-like focus. Then he proceeded to perform some magical alchemy to transform them into much improved versions, way better and beyond what I could have done on my own.

He then helped me build a detailed roadmap to get me there which didn’t make me feel overwhelmed. All along the way he was intense, but kind and encouraging. He has helped me to see that I really can reach my dreams and I am forever grateful for his wisdom and unfailing support.” KS