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What is a LifeStory Alchemist?

Steven Shomler has two professional titles – “Culinary Storyteller” and “LifeStory Alchemist.”

In this video Steven answer the question “What is a LifeStory Alchemist?”.

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LifeStory Alchemist Defined

In Medieval times it was rumored that alchemists could take an ordinary metal like lead and transmute it into an extraordinary metal like gold.

Steven Shomler teaches others how to change their LifeStory from the Ordinary into something Extraordinary using the very same tactics and wisdom he used and still uses on his own life change path.

Wearing his LifeStory Alchemist hat Steven —

#1 Runs his company Spark to Bonfire where they create resources that inspire and equip others to Go Live The Life They Imagine.

#2 Works with individuals providing both short term & ongoing consulting designed to you guessed it – inspire and equip them to Go Live The Life They Imagine.

If you are ready to change your life and you would like to work with Steven Shomler please send an email to ss******@Sp************.com and please put the inquiry/request in the subject line.


What is a Culinary Storyteller?

What is a Culinary Storyteller?

If you want to know what a Culinary Storyteller is you can see this link here – https://www.stevenshomler.com/what-is-a-culinary-storyteller/


To learn more about Steven Shomler go to https://www.stevenshomler.com


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